Grooming Schools

Grooming Schools


Hands on Grooming Schools, or Online Grooming Schools, the decission is yours

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online grooming schools


  Low fees to enroll
  Study at your own pace
  Receive two certificates; "Certified Pet Hygienist" & "Certified Pet Groomer"
  Receive all DVDs to watch on your TV & master the art of pet grooming
  Watch all clips on our streaming servers 24/7 & any new produced ones for free

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hands on grooming schools

Finish in five weeks or less
Learn from three dog grooming instructors
Gooming salon pet grooming training & mobile grooming
Receive three certificate: "Certified Pet Hygienist","Certified Pet Groomer", "Pet CPR"
The choice is all yours; On hands, or home study grooming schools!

Which Grooming Schools? The Decission is Yours!


Learn about hands on grooming schools instantly!
Learn about online grooming schools instantly!

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Which Grooming Schools? The Decission is Yours!

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